07 Sustainability

As awareness of "sustainability" increases, the issues facing the fashion industry are becoming more apparent.

The fashion industry emits 10% of total carbon dioxide emitted by human activity and is the second most water consuming industry. It is estimated that 85% of clothing products are disposed of every year, while particles of plastic is released into the ocean with every washing. It is now the second most polluting industry after the oil industry, and people are beginning to realise the importance of reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry in order to ensure its sustainable development.

Furthermore, sustainability initiatives are gaining attention as an essential element of the brands to survive in the midst of rapid social changes as consumers prioritise brands that are engaged in sustainable activities.

We offer a wide range of services, including consultation, in-store events, marketing plans, planning and implementation of sustainability seminars, and the creation of a sustainable branding strategy. We offer a wide range of services to help you bring your sustainable activities to life. We will closely work with you to find out what brands and companies can do to help society develop sustainably.

Support for designing and setting goals to promote in-house understanding
Support for the establishment and operation of in-house sustainability committees 
Conducting sustainability seminars 
Development of inner/outer branding 
PR for sustainable activities of the brandCreating and distributing releases, responding to the media, lending brand‘s samples to the media, etc.
Planning and execution of individual eventsNegotiation of assignments for sustainable ambassadors
Preparation, analysis and proposal of media reports 
Take measures for event sponsorships 
Support for the production of sustainability reportsincluding translation of reports for overseas brands

WAG, Inc supports the Sustainable Development Goals