02 Communications

We contribute to a client’s problem solving with a broad network based on our 39 years of experience with various services developed to respond to all issues.

_Public Relations

From marketing PR to branding PR, we strategically combine various PR techniques to meet the challenges of our clients and provide various solutions.

PR Activities

  • PR sample management, display, loan and return
  • Press preview “WAG Open House” (twice a year in May and November) to exhibit and introduce new collections to media
  • Execute media relations (approaching target media, media caravan, gifting, etc.)
  • Create and distribute press releases
  • Reporting (sample loaning, media coverage, clipping, monitoring TV exposure, advertising value equivalency)
  • Inviting and attending media at domestic and/or international fashion/design weeks
  • Arrange media interview with designer and CEO to visit Japan
  • KOL activities

PR Consultation

  • Consultation services for branding/re-branding
  • Review and analyse the current situation, set a goal
  • Marketing advise for brand's entry into the Japanese market
  • Provide advice to in-house PR

_Digital Communications

As a result of the recent rise of digital communication, we support the creation of LPs to strengthen owned media, and the operation and activation of Instagram, LINE and YouTube content as communication platforms to develop and retain brand customers and fans. We also provide support for the management and activation of said social media content.

Depending on the content of your project, we can collaborate with influencers and tie-up content to maximize the spread of your message in the short term.


  • Platforms
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LINE
    • YouTube
  • Brand social media management
  • Competitive brand trend research
  • Hashtag trend research
  • Drafting engagement plans
  • Planning to generate followers

Comprehensive digital communication support

  • Owned media contents planning
  • Insight analysis of Instagram followers
  • Planning and production of digital commerce initiatives

_Media Buying

Based on a communication strategy, we provide the most suitable media to deliver the message in conjunction with PR to maximise the impact of the advertising.


  • Magazines
  • Online and social media
  • Out of home media
  • Newspaper
  • TV
  • Radio

Media Planning

  • Planning of ad placement plans based on strategy and budget
  • Negotiate with media companies on price and publicity services

Arrangement of advertising materials for submission

  • Production and arrangement of files for submission in according with the regulations of each media
  • Sending of submitted materials

Project management

  • Management of all phases of advertising, including orientation, photoshoots, color proofing, proofreading and draft submission.

_R.S.V.P. Management

We provide the following PR services in relation to events and exhibitions for media, VIPs and KOLs. We are also responsible for the planning, production and management of event and exhibition content, as well as the casting of KOLs.

*For more information, please contact us from here.

  • Inviting media
  • Preparation a guest list
  • Management of an overall timeline
  • Production and distribution of Save the Date/Invitaiton (e-vite)
  • Reception, guest relations and interview arrangement on the day of the event
  • Reporting