Privacy Policy

About the handling of personal information
WAG, Inc. (hereafter, WAG) will manage personal information in accordance with the following policy and strive for protection. The privacy policy is applied when using our service on the internet
Purpose of use of personal information
The acquisition personal information will be used for the following purpose below:

1. Personal information collected through websites, WAG manages and operates to introduce our services and provide information.
2. Personal information received for recruitment and to notify the results after screening
3. Personal information received for our business activities are related to reporting, contacting, and consultation necessary for WAG activities
4. Personal information entrusted by our business partners In order to carry out business in marketing activities and promotion activities of each business partners
Personal information is provided to third party
Wag will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party except in each of the cases below:

・In case of disclosing to respond or correspond to customer inquiries or requests
・In case of transferring a business to successor due to business successions such as merger, acquisition, or partial sale
・In case subcontractors need information necessary for the above purposes
・ Based on Personal Information Protection Law, personal information may be disclosed upon permission to third parties.
・In case customer has given consent
WAG may outsource personal information to the extent necessary to perform services. Upon consignment, based on criteria selections, WAG selects outsourcing companies that satisfy our safety measure criteria and adequate management and supervision.
Appropriate management of personal information
WAG implements safety measures that prevent and rectify unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information as well as continuously maintaining and improving systems to protect personal information. Personal information is voluntarily submitted to WAG and the consequence of no submission, or blank entry of necessary information, WAG may be unable to respond to demands.
In the case you need to disclose, amend, add, delete, or suspend your personal information, please contact the reception desk in the following procedure.
We will respond promptly within the necessary range in compliance with the law.

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About amending terms of use
Content and information, terms of usage of this website may be revised, amended, discontinued without notice, for whatever reason, in no event will WAG be liable for any damages arising from change of content, revisions or the discontinuation of this website.
Updated: 27 August 2018